Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maui Winter

The Maui Pink Cap Swimmers once again found themselves shivering in cold, but clear, water this morning. I swear, cold people have absolutely no sense of fun! So we swam down to the Pu'u and then right back to the beach, where we tried to warm ourselves in the not nearly hot enough tropical sun. I followed Jonathan and Josh into the deep water, they saw a group of eight eagle rays and I saw a manta ray out there.

Four of us did stop to check out this rare Hawksbill Turtle. We had never seen one in this particular location before. The red color is an algae which seems to have a special affinity for hawksbills.

I am huddled in front of my computer with a hot cup of tea in my hands still trying to warm back up. Oh, the agony of winter on Maui.

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