Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swell Surfing

Rockin' and Rollin' today on the high seas. That was me.

Wind, waves and gray skies would have made for an unpleasant ocean swim, so I decided on an Adventure Kayak outing instead! Yeeeeha! Being safety-minded (and inherently lazy), I did my usual and paddled for an hour directly into the wind. Not bad until the final twenty minutes when the winds began howling. I was sliding backward even though I was paddling all-out. Whew, what a fun workout.

I love days like today because I had the ocean all to myself. I didn't see another soul until I passed a pair of dive boats on my return. They were bouncing around as much as I was. I got to practice surfing the swells on my way back as the wind zipped me home in no time.

Right after I got to shore the Coast Guard plane from Honolulu made an appearance flying back and forth where I had been kayaking. Please don't tell me that some well-intentioned person called 911 on me AGAIN!?

Click HERE for the story in the Maui News

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