Saturday, June 11, 2016

Totally in Awe

Today found Doug and Don perched on the edge of a tall cliff in yet another of those perfect medieval towns of France. It is difficult to become bored of anything this beautiful. Plus, a great blues band performs every evening just down the street.

I even managed to drag Doug out onto a stretch of the trail which I did last month. 

But way, way better than all of that was our visit into the caves at Pech Merle. Un-fricking-believable!!! The walls were covered with loads of prehistoric cave paintings which were as clear as if they had been painted yesterday. Large, clean, and unambiguous contemporary depictions of mastodons, bison, horses, bears, people and more. AMAZING. Photos of the cave art was strictly forbidden so I didn't take any, but it can be seen via a quick search online. 

Dessert has become an essential part of every meal while in France. 

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