Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pink Unicorns

I had too much fun today. 

After lunch I was on my way to a museum here in Toulouse when I passed a square with lots of pink unicorns and rainbow flags flying in the air. I had to check it out, and it turns out that today was their gay pride day. 

Crowds of people kept arriving and a very political rally generated considerable fervor. The place exploded when the final speaker stepped down and the music was cranked up. 

The entire crowd spilled out of the square and a huge parade began dancing its way through the streets. Each of the town's dance clubs had its own float with amazing sound systems all around. Great dance music echoed through the narrow streets, and the DJ's played the crowds perfectly so that enthusiasm never waned. Did I mention that I had the BEST time? If being gay/lesbian/bi/trans/etc is this much fun, I'm definitely joining up!

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