Monday, October 31, 2011

Not All Bad

Civilization. That is what pops into my mind when I see people playing croquet (and not my first thought when watching hockey or American football). I passed a small ocean-front croquet tournament on my walk this morning. Chairs were neatly arranged under canopies to protect the players from the sun between turns, and everyone was wearing white. Like I said, civilized.

I also passed a plein-air painter doing his thing on the beach. I envy him and the others I often see here and there. Unlike us photographers they don't have to wait for the clouds to be "just so" or the beach to be free of people. On the other hand they can't get final images for their daily blog posts at the same time they are strenuously exercising. Hmmm. I guess being a photographer isn't all bad.

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  1. It turns out this was the Maui Croquet Club and you can find out more at: