Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not Paranoid

No, I am not being paranoid, they really are following me.

Every time I looked back during my ocean swim this morning, there was a small flotilla of kayaks following me. I swam right, they turned right; I swam left, they turned left. Finally the main group headed back to shore and the small remaining group paddled right up to me.
"Are you following me?" I asked.
"No, we are following the whales which have been following you for the past forty-five minutes" they answered.

Well, that explains the dark shadows with flashes of white I saw every now and then underwater.

I have to swim slower from now on, the poor whales can't seem to keep up.


  1. Wait a minute.......wasn't it just Sunday you wanted to go swim out to a group of kayaks? Next Sunday, maybe the whales will follow you around again!

  2. Unbelievable! I am so envious sitting here in the desert.