Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maui Polar Bear Swim

Today was Maui's Polar Bear swim. Yes, the water was close to freezing, hovering around the 70 degree mark. The great thing about Maui was even though this was a pseudo-race, swimmers stopped to pose for me. Well, mostly, except for those all-too-serious ladies in the photo below.

Click HERE for lots more photos from this morning's swim.

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  1. On our plane ride over to Maui, I sat next to a couple. Her name was Robin and she talked of Maui and how excited she was to get to met up with a photographer she had read about and his Sunday swims. She was so excited I had to talk my hubby into driving me over to join in. It was the most beautiful time I've ever had. The friendliest group, supportive, and welcoming. I never got Robin's address but wish to Thank her for sharing and Thank you all for a truly amazing morning. Your pictures are beautiful but actually being there - well there is no comparison. Till next visit, Aloha. Suzanne