Thursday, January 27, 2011


I faced a moment of uncertainty this morning.

I heard strange noises while swimming, looked up and saw a competition pod of whales heading my way. This is a mating frenzy when a group of male whales chase a female in heat.

The female passed by me (photo above) at a respectable distance, but where were the crazed males? They are the ones who are out of control in this situation, and I didn't want to be too close to them. Then I saw them swim under me, which is when I couldn't decide what to do. Climb into my teeny tiny little kayak? Untie myself from my kayak? Or stay where I was? My pulse began racing as they dove straight down and out of sight - quickly, far too quickly. Where would they come up?

Fortunately, they surfaced near the female who had moved on, so the peril had passed. Another boring day in paradise . . .