Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ghost or . . .

I was mighty uncomfortable swimming in the ocean this morning. Surf was up along the south shores and SURF=MURK. Visibility was poor and my heart started racing each time a turtle appeared out of the gloom. It wasn't just me either; when the first turtle saw me, it spun and raced away like it had seen a ghost (or shark, but we don't mention those while swimming).

This Spotted Eagle Ray wasn't afraid, though. It swam up to check me out, then turned and disappeared as if disappointed. Ah, the story of my life...


  1. It was murky when we left on Sunday. No swimming for me when it's like that - for all the reasons mentioned, or unmentioned.

  2. oh ,i know that one! A startled turtle, murky water... ohhh lord! =0I Thats a beautiful picture Don .. really beautiful!