Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not Again

I was stung by yet another bee today. No it didn't involve these flowers which Doug gathered from our yard (although a gecko did hitch a ride indoors on them), nor did it involve my usual practice of stepping on a dead one at the beach. No, this one actually dive bombed me and stung me through my rash guard (swimming shirt) as I was entering the ocean for my morning swim. What the heck?!!

Here's what's weird. I revel in the experience.

No, I don't like getting stung, nor do I enjoy the discomfort. But I do savor the physical sensations. No, not the actual sting - ouch. But the itching fascinates me, especially the skin tingling electricity while scratching it. I am also amazed at how the skin hardens in the affected area and how it radiates heat. Way cool.

I love being fully present in the moment and being able to truly experience all that life has to offer.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I admire your sense of wonder, but I think I would look up animal totems and see what the bees are trying to tell you. This is not coincidence.

    Love the flowers. We have a very large picture of bird of paradise in our living room. I found the original while visiting Kauai, called the artist, and she did a giclee for me. Love it. How nice to have a big bowl of them in your house - complete with a little gecko.