Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lots of Money

I was surprised on my swim this morning to see a commercial fishing boat operating at a popular snorkel spot in less than ten feet of water. They were dropping their net right onto the coral and had to have a guy in the water yanking the net free as they pulled it in. If you ever wondered why you see so few fish and so little healthy coral when you snorkel on Maui, now you know.

I talked to the guy standing in the boat and he happily said they were going to make lots of money from these fish.


  1. Patti and I saw the same boat not long ago. This would be a common sight in a 3rd world coutry but it was shocking to see it here. It was appalling to see the nets caught on the coral and know they were going to yank them free with no regard to what happened to the coral or the fish. ARGH!!!!