Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backward and Forward Thinking

Maui is an incredibly backward third-world kind of place in some ways. And therein lies some of her charm. Three years ago in this blog I expressed amazement at seeing public transit appear on our streets - something I never thought I would experience. Today I actually took a Maui Bus for the very first time and was pleasantly surprised. It was clean, relatively comfortable, air conditioned and ran on schedule. Plus it only cost one dollar to cover the more than eighteen miles from Kahului to Wailea. Gas for my car would cost more than twice that to cover the same distance.

Another benefit was that in walking from the auto body repair shop to the bus stop, I discovered two large farmers' markets which I never knew existed (a big one at Kahului Shopping Center and another in the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center). Live and learn.


  1. Look at that fruit!! lolol Oahu is no longer Hawaii its bedlam! that fruit is beautiful!

  2. You were right by my office! I'm in the building at the Kahului Shopping Center...above Central Pacific Bank.