Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Human Corpses in My Yard

There are human corpses buried in my yard.

The story I've been told is:
As ancient human remains were discovered on the Hawaiian islands, they were shipped off to the Bishop Museum on Oahu where they were stored in boxes and drawers. Native Hawaiians were not happy with this treatment of their ancestors, so the remains began to be repatriated to their original islands.
A certain property developer made a deal where he would inter numerous skeletons in a beautiful ocean-front location in exchange for the right to build houses on the shore.

The bones of the Hawaiians are in the square stone structure and the other rocks are supposed to be the remains of a Canoe Hale.

In the ten years I've lived here I have never seen any Night Marchers (Hawaiian warrior ghosts) so I'm assuming that our bodies all died peacefully. Then again, I sleep so soundly that the apocalypse could happen and I would never know.


  1. I'm sure they're happy now that they're home.

    We were fascinated by the rock wall in up-country. It goes on forever.

  2. wowowow! that is a beautiful sight though. black rock green grass.. gosh Don u live close to heaven!! look at that water!!