Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caught In Between

On one side of my house is the ocean and on the other side are 5 eighteen hole golf courses. Sounds like an idyllic setting, right? Wrong. Between the mowing and weed-whacking which begins each morning at 4 a.m. and those darn waves, the noise is almost unbearable. I mean, how could it possibly be any worse?

Okay (big grin), minor noise issues aside, this really is heaven on earth. The sound of the waves often lulls me to sleep along with calls from herds of Axis Deer roaming the fairways. And I usually awake to the scent of freshly mown grass on the morning breeze. Nice.

I also love our little micro-climates. These two photos were taken only a short time apart this morning. The top one was facing north and the bottom one facing south. And this is how the weather stayed for most of the day - sunny at home and cloudy just a mile south.

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