Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Defensive Measures

Another reason I am fascinated by critters which rely on camouflage is they stay put. Their disguises work best when they don't move - which makes them (relatively) easy to photograph. I saw this Flounder (above) because it was moving, but when it saw me it settled down on the ocean floor. I had a really tough time finding it again, it took me quite a few dives to get this photo.

On the other hand, Eels hide in cracks and under rocks and coral. I noticed this large eel (below) as it was slithering from one place of concealment to another. Instead of dashing to the next crack, this one stood its ground and threatened me with wide open jaws. I (wisely) kept my largish underwater camera between it and me - and kept my distance. Eels are notorious for not letting go once they latch on, and I didn't want to lose any body parts this morning. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. They're supposed to have pretty bad eyesight but good sense of smell. They also have lots of nasty bacteria in their mouths, so you don't want a bite from these guys.
    Beautiful eel though.