Friday, May 14, 2010

Turtle Box Lunch

Wow! I got to see my very first Box Jellyfish this morning!

I almost hit it while swimming and when I turned back to take a photo, I noticed it moving quickly toward me. I backpedaled but couldn't put any distance between us, it was pulsing too rapidly in my direction. Fortunately I am not one of those brainless horror movie victims who stays in the path of the oncoming monster, I moved aside and let it pass me before chasing it to get a photo.

One of my friends back on the beach wasn't so lucky. His entire forearm was red and swollen, and he was in great pain after swimming into a jellyfish which sounded just like this one. If you swim in Hawaiian waters, may I suggest you Click HERE for the Wikipedia article? It seems that only a few of the Box Jellyfish species are deadly, most are just annoying. The good news is that we have lots and lots of Sea Turtles and Sea Turtles love to eat Box Jellyfish.


  1. wonderful wonderful pictures!! The box jelly fish looks magnificent.. it figures it would pack a whallop!

  2. Hello... Box Jellies... I've written about these bad boys. The Hawaiian Box jellies aren't quite so deadly, but don't go hanging too close to one in Australia; unless you're protected from head to toe in panty-hose.