Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Stylin' Turtle

Seeing this sea turtle snagged by a large hook with bait still attached made me sad this morning. Sad and a little angry, but mostly sad. Putting it in perspective though, I have seen people with major piercings which actually frightened me, so I shouldn't worry too much about a turtle with a piece of jewelry. It was probably on its way to the turtle cleaning station to show off its new bling (and to get the bait removed).

I stumbled across a fish cleaning station this morning (below) where the fish were waiting their turn to get tidied up by a tiny Rainbow Wrasse. They weren't nearly as stylish as the turtle since none of them were wearing any accessories. Turtles are way cooler.


  1. That hook makes me very sad. I hope he gets rid of it soon! Such incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. DON! ur new camera is amazing!! pictures are crazy beautiful! Do you know DA TRAVELER?? or is someone using ur sight to advertise?? poor turtle.. can NOAA help him?