Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cowardly Me

I admit it - I'm a big coward. And that is why there isn't a different photo on my blog today.

I have been seeing a lot of puffed-up puffer fish recently. They are easy to spot - from a distance one looks like a white styrofoam coffee cup floating on the surface. When I get closer I realize I'm looking at the white belly of an inflated fish. Usually, they are accompanied by another, unpuffed, puffer fish which keeps biting at the inflated fish.

As I moved in closer to take a photo of the two fish this morning, a turtle happened to swim by. The uninflated fish waggled itself over to the turtle and bit down hard on the turtle's neck. Ouch! The turtle quickly turned tail, zooming away. And I did too! Yes, I am a coward.

1 comment:

  1. Don there are 5 turtles at least in this amazing photo!! yah gotta watch out for anything thats puffed up Don.. LOLOL =0D