Monday, November 23, 2009

Plan Of Escape

Families with children have begun arriving for their Thanksgiving week vacation on Maui. During the year we see a variety of visitors, but for this week, as well as for the Christmas - New Years weeks, it will be all families, all the time. And lots of them. I'm actually looking forward to getting off the island this weekend.


  1. LOL DON! I can relate! all my children are adults now. I find i slowly have a building avoidance to child noises! =0I

  2. Actually, the children aren't the problem. For whatever reason, this particular crowd usually has unbelievably demanding and aggressive adults.
    Them: "How is the snorkeling at this beach?"
    Me: "Not so good, it is much better just over there."
    Them: "I don't believe you."
    Me: not spoken out loud - Then why did you ask?