Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Contact

What's going on here? I noticed a couple of friends snorkeling, and they weren't where I would normally expect to see them. I swam out to them and they said they saw dolphins from shore. The guys kept swimming out, but so did the dolphins.

You have to let them come to you, I explained, and after five minutes of waiting in place we were surrounded by dolphins. The dolphins were peacefully playful and my friends (their first-ever Maui dolphin encounter) were quietly respectful.

After a nice time together we were inundated by an excited crowd who had seen us from shore. There was suddenly way too much energy and I decided to call it a day. Click HERE for lots more photos from this morning.

I managed a very brief video - click HERE or below for today's video.

1 comment:

  1. OH DON! wonderful weonderful pictures! I wonder if the dolphins get as tired as I do of people chasing them? ! TREAD WATER.. they will come. p.s. DON two of those dolphins are looking right at u like," HI DON!" incredible!