Sunday, November 29, 2009

Place of Refuge

Strong gusty winds drove salt spray which stung like small hail stones on our ocean swim this morning. It was our last day on Lanai and we had to get back into the water for one final swim. It was wild out there, and yet it was fun. I was truly frightened by the ripping current and crashing waves, but I survived.

All I had to do to escape the cold and rough conditions was dive underwater. Down there it was calm and warm. Mmmmm. Now if only I could breathe underwater a little better...


  1. Hello~ I like to know which camera you used in this great photographic... This is so amazing!

  2. Thanks Vanessa. Back then I was using either the Canon G9 or Canon G10 in their underwater housing. I shoot in RAW format instead of jpeg and process the photos when I get home.