Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Real Entertainment

Happy Bastille day (French Independence day). I'm in a big city, so eating snails at a French restaurant was a must. Mmmmmm. Now, it looks like I'm eating alone, but I wasn't. I texted my way through lunch with my sweetie, sending snapshots of each course. How romantic.

I stumbled across three different bands, all practicing in separate pavilions in Grant Park. I sat and listened the longest to the world renowned Grant Park Orchestra. These musicians are the best of the best.

Symphonies can be stuffy, uncomfortable affairs; but today was outdoors and they were all wearing shorts or jeans and it was Fun. Plus the music was great. Oh, and the Pritzker Pavilion is AMAZING! It really has to be experienced first-hand to be appreciated.

Now where should I have dinner???


  1. Great shot of the pavilion. I forgot you hadn't see it yet. Picking you up in 1 hr. don't be late.

  2. Are you home already? Time for more fun Maui style, call us. We'll skip the snails and stick with fish for dinner.