Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Back

Whoah! You know I must have been sick when I've been back on Maui almost a week and today was the first time I've been in the water! Unheard of!

This is also the longest I've gone without blogging; and if you read my previous two posts you will know that I should NOT blog when sick. My computer should have a sensor which causes it to shut down if it suspects I have any kind of virus.

The current was running today and it was loaded with jellyfish. I saw lots and lots of the dangerous Box jellyfish, but not one photo turned out. Fortunately, my camera was able to focus on this jelly; it's tentacles continue on an additional couple of feet beyond the edge of the photo with little red dots all the way.

I escaped with only a minimal number of stings and am looking forward to my next ocean swim. It is good to be back.

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