Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Come Closer

The surf is still up on the south shores, and the water is still murkier than I prefer. Nonetheless, I dove under the breakers and managed a good ocean swim workout this morning.

I met this manta ray and hung with it for fifteen minutes while it was feeding. It hugged the ocean floor about twenty feet down and getting there was a struggle for me. I am horrible at holding my breath (my personal record is twenty seconds) so I was lucky to get one photo on each dive.

Underwater photography depends upon getting close, very close, to the subject; and when visibility is poor, even closer is better. Fortunately, this one didn't mind me being in hugging distance. Strange, how much manta rays look like sharks with wings.

1 comment:

  1. yup they do ! beautiful animals arent they? Thank you Don for the pics. I have never seen a manta in the water yet. Funny huh ? people will tell me they have never seen a dolphin and i go oh wow,well i have never seen a manta like this one in the wild. Maybe someday out there i will =0) I continue to swim with hope and joy.