Saturday, August 2, 2008

Expand Your Mind

I recently read somewhere that one of the most creative acts a person can perform is to read.

"Wait a minute" I thought. "How can passively sitting in a chair reading a book possibly be creative?"

This throw-away comment got me thinking. I could understand how the author is a creative force, but the reader? Then it became clear to me.

When I settle in with a book, all that exists in front of me is a white page covered with little black markings. From these markings my mind creates entire worlds filled with sights, sounds and smells and populated with interesting characters. Yes, the author guides my mind, but it is my mind which does the work.

Okay, enough of the deep, profound thoughts. This reading stuff is dangerous...

What I really wanted to write today was my progress report on the Kindle book reader. When I received it as a birthday gift I thought it would be a fun toy, but definitely extravagant and somewhat silly.

Well, it has been GREAT. I was able to travel for a month with 60 novels in one paperback sized book. When I got to the end of one book I was reading and it said - the story continues in the sequel - I was immediately able to get the sequel and continue the adventure. Being on a ship in Russia at the time, there was no other way I could have gotten that sequel. Nyet!

My biggest rave is about the convenience. I used to read and read and read. Then I got busy with life and work and suddenly it was too difficult to drive to the library or order a book online; besides, there just wasn't enough time to be able to read. Now, when I hear of an interesting book I get the first chapter sent to my Kindle for free. I spent my entire day off today reading, and it was a great day.

My recommendation has been upgraded from Wait-and-See to Buy.

By the way, if you get one, buy a LED book light for night reading.

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