Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Behind Bars

I never had any kind of pet growing up, so I have no interest in dogs or cats. Until today, that is.

There were two little dogs which went trotting past our house this afternoon. Later, they wandered uninvited into one of the homes which Doug manages, and settled in to stay. While the family liked these adorable friendly dogs, they were not ready to adopt.

The dogs both had collars, but no ID tags; so I took them to the humane society. The little terrier quietly rested its chin on my shoulder during the drive, almost breaking my heart. Although they had been absolutely silent until then, they began whining when I turned to leave after locking them in. "Please don't leave us to be put to death," they pleaded.

Fortunately, Doug, who knows everything, was able to find their owner who was very happy to know they had been found. Hopefully, he will also know how to remove dog vomit (thanks to the puppy) from my back car seat.

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