Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Different Kind of Sunday

You mean there's something to do on a Sunday morning other than swim with the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers? I've been beached by a cut (silly doctor is worried about the possibility of infection) so I took a stroll this morning with the lovely Anne Marie. Church bells and voices raised in song were drifting on the light morning breeze.

We passed tennis players thwopping the ball back and forth, and a group of kayakers paddling in the sand. We watched volunteers wading ashore after a weekend on Kahoolawe, their belongings floating beside them tied in black plastic trash bags. Then hands locked in a big prayer circle for a blessing.

Ali (pronounced more like Allie) made her final swim with the group today before moving to the mainland. We will miss you. A hui hou

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  1. Love your recent posts. Simple, sweet prose and great pics. Mahalo