Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 Dolphins

As I pulled into the beach parking area this morning, I saw a dolphin jump clear of the water and land with a big splash. I saw L.A. standing by her car and asked why she wasn't in the water swimming with the dolphins. She hadn't seen them, but was now so excited that she couldn't find her shoes. She unlocked the trunk, no shoes. She closed the trunk and unlocked the driver's door, no shoes. She unlocked the trunk again, no shoes. Before she could close the trunk I pointed out her shoes hiding in plain sight. Quickly she put the shoes on and hurried to the water's edge.

When the dolphins surrounded her, she was giggling and laughing and giggling some more. She was thrilled! At first we swam with about twenty dolphins. Another group must have joined the first because we were soon swimming with about a hundred spinner dolphins. They were active and full of clicks and chirps, they did a lot of jumping and spinning, and even interacted with us to an extent. What fun! (Click HERE or Below for today's very brief Video).

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