Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pink is the Word

Malcolm's fascination with the color pink has moved from our swim caps to the women's suits and now, tragically, to the men's suits. Toni ordered the suits and, of course, she decided that the European cut is more attractive (like pink wasn't bad enough, we have to go with skimpy too). Yes, that is me in the photo hidden underneath all the pink fabric.

We are always looking for new challenges and today we moved rocks by walking on the sea bottom. To make it more interesting we did it in deep water. Click HERE (or below) for the Video.

Pink suits! What's next? Without a doubt, another Grand Adventure! Hooray!

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  1. Hi Don, I really enjoyed my ocean swim with your group. It was definitely a lot more fun than my first swim that day. You guys are a fun bunch and I very much appreciate that you made me feel very welcome. My kids loved your blog (they've become Bruce fans). They did ask why people were moving those rocks, though: just for the fun of it, I told them, and it put a smile on their faces. Thanks again to all the Maui swimmers.