Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nightmares in the Deep

I watched Bruce venture out for a swim this morning while his home was being visited by a group of silverbacks. He didn't seem pleased about leaving, probably grouchy after being woken from dreams about lobsters and pink suits. Poor guy, I know how he feels (especially when it comes to waking up after a nightmare about pink suits).

I swam through water which was crystal clear alternating with goopy water filled with all different size and shape of micro organisms. How long has it been since the full moon? The good news is that this nutrient-rich soup brought out a manta ray who was actively feeding. I swam with her for quite a while, but was challenged to keep up. She kept moving pretty fast. Fortunately she moved back and forth searching for the most food, so sometimes I was able to anticipate where she would go next. Still, I was so out of breath from following her that I had nothing left for deep dives and photos.

Do you think it possible that she was moving fast out of fear that someone might try to make her wear a pink suit?

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