Friday, May 9, 2008


OK, maybe I'm a bit of a woo-woo after all. I'm not exactly sure of what is out there, but I do believe in some kind of spiritual force, or God, or something. I also believe that it acts when I am least expecting it.

Sorry, I guess I'm being obscure. Let me elucidate. On my walk today I stopped to talk to a couple of guys who were playing with a video camera on the beach. The guy I talked to (oops, I can't remember their names - but I also could NOT remember my ATM pin number or my social security number today) was rather evasive in answering my questions about what they were doing. He finally revealed that they were visiting from Canada so, what the heck, I mentioned that one of my clients, Luxury Retreats, is based in Canada. He told me, of course, that his brother is the president of that company. Small world.

My favorite extreme coincidence story is about a trip I took to Europe. One of my friends told me that I must look up a friend of his, Christophe, while in Paris. Being even shyer back then, I did not look him up. Later, on the island of Ibiza I spent a whole day on the beach talking to an interesting guy. He gave me his card when I left. The name looked familiar so when I got back to my hotel room I checked. It was, indeed, Christophe from Paris.

Occurrences like these and many other strange incidents have convinced me that there is more to this life than what I can see.

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