Saturday, May 17, 2008

Death in the Morning

The ocean was flat this morning. I saw no sign of the surf break which killed these two surfers. After hiking in the burning sun along the King's Highway, this shady spot offers cool relief. And sobering reflection on the power of the ocean; people die in crashing surf in my neighborhood every year. Broken surfboards and broken backs are a regular part of life here, as are hard bodies and dark tans.

The sea cliffs which you see in the distance caused me to fear for my life today. I used to have a fear of heights which came back to me as I hiked along the edge of these crumbling cliffs. Twice I suppressed panic attacks as I slid toward my own demise. And twice I somehow stopped short of the fatal plunge. Living life on the edge, and surviving intact, is what keeps me vital. That, and bran muffins.

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