Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Turtle Sex

I consider a day successful if I have learned at least one new thing. I love seeing something that I haven't seen before while out on an ocean swim - well, usually. This morning I had a couple of surprises.

I always pass these small unicorn fish around the same location on my swim, but today was the first time that I've ever seen them schooling. Maybe after a few classes they will be able to organize into formations.

This spotted eagle ray swam right through the middle of their gathering before posing for me.

Then I noticed floating on the surface a large male turtle which didn't look quite right. I swam closer and noticed that he was ready for loving. Not a pretty picture, but fortunately for you, everything shrank out of sight before I could get a photograph. Interesting, though, that a sea turtle's penis emerges from its tail.

Bruce was home with the same guest, and I saw a rare hawksbill turtle munching on some coral (click HERE or below for the Video).

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