Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fanmail from a Flounder

Oops, I missed the ocean swim race yesterday. My official excuse is that when I printed the entry form yesterday morning, I noticed the bold print which stated "NO RACE DAY ENTRIES." This being Maui, where everything happens at the very last moment, I was shocked; but what could I do? So I spent the day working.

I still have several more hours of work in front of the computer before tomorrow morning's photo shoot, but I did manage a lovely swim this morning. I got one of my better videos of Bruce and friend at home (click HERE for video) and also saw some strange behavior from a flatfish. Usually when I approach a flounder it immediately buries itself in the sand. Today's fish was fearless. I got several photos and lots of video (click HERE for video), how unusual.


  1. We missed you at the race Don. I love todays blog, I want to dance away on that magic flying carpet. Love the music. Great shots of Bruce and friend. See you Sunday?

  2. "NO RACE DAY ENTRIES." Since when do you believe everything you read on the internet. You really need to come up with a better excuse! Maybe it was too far to drive...

  3. Sorry, but I really did not miss the race at all. Racing really is not my thing. But I am looking forward to swimming this Sunday. Lynne is back and she will be there too.