Friday, September 14, 2007

School Days Memories

Lucky me! I waited and waited this morning. Then just when I had given up and was about to leave a few spinner dolphins came in.

The dolphins like to play catch with each other, and sometimes with the people they meet. They will carry a small found object such as a leaf on the tip of their nose, or more often on one of their front flippers. They will drop the item then race each other to pick it up again. On rare occasion they will drop their item near me, I will carry it for a bit, then when I let it go they will race to get it back.

Today, however, I felt like I was back in school where I was (rightfully) always picked last for sports teams. The dolphins would drop their item in front of me, then just as I was about to reach it, one of them would zoom in and grab it and zoom off. Repeatedly.

That was not the end of my humiliation. When I got home I discovered that almost every time I had hit the record button on my camera, I was turning the video off not on (and visa versa). So I have lots of video of empty water with my hand flashing past as I swam, but not much of the dolphins.

Did I have fun today? DEFINITELY!


  1. hi don
    you did it again
    i'm so envious!!
    did you see again the dolphin with that circular scar on its side?
    say halo to all of them

    greetings from amsterdam

  2. great story. sometimes we forget how blessed we are.