Thursday, September 6, 2007

Aloha Francesco

My buddy Francesco is reluctantly heading back to Amsterdam this afternoon. While he would love to stay on Maui, he had to face up to the unlikelihood of finding work as a molecular biologist on this small island without a work visa. Then again, he told Lynne, "This is a paradise with no problems." Lynne, I saw the knowing little smile which crept over your face.

I took him to meet Bruce and he was thrilled with his first ever face to face encounter with a shark in the wild (look closely in the photo and you will see Bruce). We saw three moray eels, lots of turtles and both rode the slosh (yes, incredible, I rode the slosh - again!).


  1. Aloha Don
    thanks for taking me around in the amazing ocean of Maui
    It has really been a privilege for me. You gave me the opportunity to realize some of my "impossible" dreams
    and looking at your blogger i feel i should have spent much more time with you and the pink cap swimmers. Keep in touch Don, i'll keep an eye on your blogger, and i hope to see you again soon
    Thanks again
    take care and have fun!!!


  2. Sorry Don...
    ..with "blogger" i meant "blog"
    (completely new stuff for me...)