Sunday, June 15, 2014


 At first Avignon's narrow streets are somewhat off-putting.

In the local section where I'm staying (no hotels or fancy shops here), most of the streets are only ten to fifteen feet wide and are solidly lined with four-story walls of stone or stucco. Initially these artificial canyons seemed sterile and lonely. But after walking them several times daily, I've warmed up to them. I love the personal touches, the flower boxes and brightly painted doors and shutters. In the heat of the day I am especially appreciative of the cool stone shade cast by the high walls, and today's light showers seldom made it into these narrow slots.

Of course, every few blocks the streets open into tree lined squares which are always filled with people. People who are sitting, strolling, chatting, shopping, dining and riding carousels. I love this place.

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