Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gladiator School

 I felt like getting out of town today and thought Arles sounded interesting. Things like a Roman Arena, and that this is the town that drove Van Gogh insane, all caught my attention.

First I checked on the bus which cost $2 but takes three hours. Then I looked at the train which cost $25 but only takes 19 minutes. Train it is.

The streets of the town are incredibly scenic and I took tons of painting pictures with my special camera.

At every historic monument that I've visited, I've encountered at least one school group on an outing. And I've noticed in every singe case that the adults conduct an activity to keep the children engaged. Today they were teaching gladiator fighting techniques to the kids, and the kids were loving it. I was hoping for some private instruction, but no such luck.

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  1. That will for sure be a field trip that the kids will remember for their lives. What a better way to learn history over the traditional "headphones and boring lecture tour" of a lot of historical monuments these days!!