Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please Stop, Please

Oh my aching head. A Gray Francolin likes to perch on the fence post outside my bedroom window in the morning and repeatedly screech its call. It sounds like a rusty swing going tee-tar . . . tee-tar . . . tee-tar . . . on and on but getting progressively louder with each swing. Please Stop. And now there are babies . . . nooooooo.

My pounding head did find some respite while I contemplated one of the Grand Wailea's many waterfalls this morning.


  1. The babies are cute, but oh, the screeching! I will have to contemplate on that water fall pic a few times today : )

  2. I'm thinking I'd rather have that than the roosters my neighbors have that make noise all day long.

  3. I just realized there is a naked person in that waterfall!

  4. Yes, Haley, strangely enough I did not notice her while sitting there. It wasn't until I had the photo on my computer that I saw her.
    I almost agree, Sandy. Roosters start while it is still dark out, which is not acceptable; but at least they don't perch right outside my window.