Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vigilant Escorts

Maka-Mai is so proud that she gets to wear the same color suit that her father wears on the Sunday ocean swims. She is an amazing escort, keeping her eyes on him at all times.

Good thing, too. The water was way too murky today for swimming. A very wise first group turned back when the conditions were bad. The remainder heard someone advise that the water would get clearer further out, and took off swimming out to sea. Visibility did NOT get better and a smart second group decided to return to shore, while that same voice reported that water was clearer further out, and a few continued deeper. The ocean finally cleared up but several swimmers decided that they were far too far from shore and headed back. The remaining group (photo left) reveled in crystalline water reverberating with Humpback Whale singing. We saw hints of whales on the surface but were not approached by any today. Maybe next Sunday...

Click HERE for more photos from this morning's swim.


  1. Kevin, Janet, and Taylor were ones who kept going. Said it was nice and clear. Then, whales surrounded them, swimming alongside and under them. Kevin said there were 2 pods. They hung around for about 5 minutes. Taylor was excited as it was his first time!

  2. Wow, sounds wonderful Sandy. Taylor was excited, how about Kevin?