Monday, February 21, 2011

Ocean Traffic Jam

This morning there was a traffic jam of kayaks and paddleboards off Wailea Beach, which is the busiest beach in South Maui. Closer inspection revealed that instead of heading out in search of Humpback Whales, everyone was staying close to shore following a pod of dolphins back and forth. What a treat.

I also found a family that takes its Sand Castle building very seriously. They had professional tools and even a construction retaining wall. They have my respect. I only wish I could have stayed around to see the final result.


  1. Just curious, do you swim out from shore or do you paddle out and jump in? How long are you swimming/treading? and typically how deep? Any distance swimmers/tri athletes in pink cap?

  2. During the week I swim out from shore towing my kayak behind. I never touch my kayak until it is time to return then, once in the kayak, I stay in until I reach shore. It is VERY tempting to jump in when near whales on the return, but I somehow resist.
    On Sundays there is a diverse crowd which breaks naturally into skill level groups. Some people swim fast, some people swim far, all kinds of people doing all kinds of things.

  3. HI Don! Found your blog when researching swimming options for Maui... AWESOME pictures! WOW. I live on Oahu but am coming to Maui Thurs/Fri for work... looking to swim Thursday afternoon/evening and Friday morning (early)... can go pool of course in Kihei (where we are staying) but your ocean swims look too good to pass up. Email me if you're going out Thursday afternoon and/or friday morning? I want to see a whale! :)