Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Smiles All Around

Just as these two Humpback Whales swam by putting on a big show, a small juvenile whale surfaced next to my teeny-tiny little kayak. Which way to look? Which one to photograph?

I stuck my camera over the side and randomly pushed the shutter button. Two shots actually got most of the small whale in the frame.

By then the two big whales had moved closer and I was able to get the photos above and below of tail slaps and fluke slaps.

Everyone had a great time and we all went our separate ways with big smiles on our faces (whales can smile, right?).


  1. Great photographs Don! I think it's time for Patti and I to join the swim/kayak workout. Do we get to wear fins, please....

  2. LOVE it!!! sigh.. that first picture is awesome!!