Friday, December 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home (To Be)

To you, this may not look like much. But on February 4th, this will be home sweet home.

I am thoroughly amazed. In four days we: found a house, made an offer, accepted the counter offer, got the home inspected, certified and insured, signed the purchase contract, and arranged future maintenance and repairs. In four days in a place we had never visited before! And, so far, no buyer's remorse. Is there an emoticon for crossed fingers?


  1. Sniff. I am so happy for you both, but am going to miss your swimming posts from Maui...

  2. Is it really true? You are moving away from beautiful Maui! We will indeed miss your photos of Maui and the dolphins, turtles, whales, etc. And most of all, we will miss seeing you in the water and whenever we come to Maui! Best wishes for your New Home and a prosperous 2011!

    Alan and Bruce

  3. Not to worry, we still have a couple of years before we retire, so we will still be on Maui until then. Besides, I'm looking forward to swimming with Manatees (and alligators) in our backyard.

  4. Congratulations! Love the dock. But I have to admit to being relieved you won't be leaving Maui any time soon. I come here to see what is going on in the place we will move when we retire. Hopefully you will continue with pictures. I keep hoping your year isn't over.

  5. Its yours and its all good. Its beautiful!