Monday, October 12, 2009

Wili Nili

They're still hanging in there . . . barely.

I stopped to visit the few remaining Wiliwili trees in my neighborhood this morning. When I first moved into Makena I was surrounded by wild brushland, which has since been bulldozed for expensive homes. Numerous native Wiliwili trees were easy to find because of their orange bark and scarcity of leaves.

Now they are under double threat. Three years ago the Gall Wasp came ashore from far off lands and crippled these unusual trees. Between two trees I only found three or four viable leaves but lots of evidence of Gall Wasps. The trees are still alive, but just barely. Once the few remaining home sites are sold and developed they will undoubtedly be chopped down like all the others. After all, they hardly fit in with the theme of palm trees and lush tropical verdure.

Oops, sorry for the downer post. I'm miserable with a post-trip cold and everything is doom and gloom to me right now. Give me a couple of days and I will find the bright side again. If I survive.

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