Saturday, October 24, 2009

Try, Try Again

I no longer compete in athletic contests. So why the heck was I entered in an Xterra Trail Run this morning?

I told myself I was only going to walk the course and it would give me a chance to explore forbidden lands. Well, as a race walker, I would have been disqualified too many times to count; and since I was so busy huffing and panting, I never even noticed the off-limits territory through which I was trotting.

Why do I hate people my age? I finished in the top third overall and in the top half among all men, which isn't a horrible showing for someone who hasn't run a step in years. But I finished last in my age group. LAST! In any other age group I would have finished ahead of someone, but not in my age group. Nooooo.

Which leads to the embarrassing truth. I want to win, but don't stand a chance against my peers, so I don't even try. And that is why I no longer compete. Well, except for today. Oh, and that other race coming up next month. Oh, and then...

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