Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sixty Plus

Lucky me! Two different pods totaling over sixty dolphins came and joined me for my swim this morning. They kept swimming circles around me until my teeth were chattering and my fingertips became numb with cold (translation: a long time). After they saw how much fun I was having, several people swam out from shore. Click HERE for lots more photos from today.

Click HERE or below for today's video.


  1. DON The picture on the top is MAGNIFICENT! Livin in the light the dolphins take longer to say Hello ! LOL .. They wanna make sure you get the right hello! =0)

  2. p.s. Don, Do you have your own shop? If you do great! If you dont you need to get one.. set these pics on canvas in oil and set up a shop. Seeing these in person in a shop would be mind blowing! just my 2 cents=0I