Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Invisible Dolphins

Way too murky and not getting any clearer.

I turned around ten minutes into my ocean swim this morning because visibility was horrible and I've learned that if a shark can't see that I'm a tasteless human, it may decide to take a bite.

Suddenly from the gloom emerged the great white whale... oops, wrong story. No, but as I was heading back into shore a pod of spinner dolphins swam by me including the white dolphin which I've been seeing recently (no, not the dating kind of seeing, but noticing). Anyway, they kept swimming by and under me, so I decided to hang around for a while. As you may notice from the photos (Click HERE for all of Today's Photos) the dolphins were nearly invisible unless they were really, really close.

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  1. =0) at least you can hear them ! can you see the shade of green I am ?