Monday, December 22, 2008

You Spoke, I Listened

One of this blog's loyal readers, Leilani, got on my case about my lack of safety measures on my solo deep water swims. And rightly so.

So, I bought a teeny tiny little kayak to drag along behind me when I swim. I haven't swum with it yet, but I'm LOVING going out paddling in it.

This evening after an all-day photo shoot, I carried it down to the beach and paddled for a half hour into the wind. Then I just stopped. I was transported to idyllic days of my youth spend at my grandparents' rustic wooden cabin on a small lake in Michigan. Sitting out on the water, feeling waves lapping against the boat, hearing faded traces of music and conversation floating out from shore. All the noise and frenetic energy of the day was gone, replaced by an evening calm.

The wind blew me most of the way back home where I took a short refreshing swim as the sun was setting behind the island of Kahoolawe. How could life possibly be any better?

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  1. im smilin ear to ear Don. I now know ur blog, which is a daily ritual with me is safe !!! Hide the camera in the kayak so u can fool those sleath humpbacks!!! i envision tons of wonderous whale pics coming our way !!!! Merry Christmas !!!!