Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dartmouth College All Wet

It was cloudy and rainy again this morning and the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers were reluctant to go for our usual Sunday ocean swim. Unfortunately (or actually, fortunately) we felt pressured to brave the waves by the presence of Swimmers and Divers from Dartmouth College who had driven down in six vans to join us.

The swimmers took off like a swarm of locusts. I could always easily locate them by the sound of a hundred splashing arms. Bringing up the rear by a safe margin were members of the diving team: fearless souls whose specialty is getting into and out of the water. Staying in the water was another matter altogether. Four of them (see photo on left) finally caught up to us near the turn around point, and wanted to know where to get out to join the rest of the team. They were shocked and dismayed to discover they had to swim back the entire distance they had just covered. It didn't seem to occur to them that when you are bobbing around in the middle of the ocean, there isn't any way to get out.

On our return the wind subsided, the waves flattened out and the sun shone to warm us up. A perfect day for an ocean swim.

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