Monday, December 15, 2008

Too Much

"Get off! You're hurting me!" is what my bathroom scale has screamed at me the past few mornings.

I purchased my first-ever scale a year ago and finally came face to face with the brutal truth. No longer could I blame buttons flying off my pants on weak thread and inferior workmanship. My watch band springing from my wrist because of a bad clasp. No, I had to admit it: I was fat!

I came up with three rules which helped me lose enough to be comfortable in my own clothes once again. But I became complacent. And in the past few weeks the jiggling has returned. So, as of today the rules are in effect:
1) Moderation in Everything
2) Absolutely NO food or beverage (except water) in the final two hours before going to bed
3) No sugar or starch after 2 p.m.

Hopefully my scale and I will once again be friends. I only hope that the whales don't reject me out of jealousy of my returning thinness.

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